Disruptive Bot Platform for Crypto


Trading both DeFi & CeFi

Having rapid access to popular DeFi/CeFi APIs as well as to BSC mempool, BOTZ give you easily configurable utilities for algo trading and arbitrage capabilities.

You can freely experiment with your trading strategies on a forked blockchain before deploying your perfectly tuned machine to the mainnet.

Price Monitoring

BOTZ can monitor and report prices and market cap of any given crypto asset listed on virtually any possible DeFi/CeFi exchange or aggregator in real time.

Configure your reports to be instantly sent to any popular messenger privately or into preferred public channel you own. You can also just receive SMS/email if you're into that oldschool stuff.

Signal Generation and Reaction

BOTZ provide customizable interface for sending trading signals based on your preferred criteria.

But sending signals is just a start. BOTZ are fully capable of receiving signals from already deployed systems and reacting with user defined actions to them.

Yes, of course, BOTZ can receive and react to their own signals.

Market Watch

BOTZ can be configured to watch and report the whole spectrum of market events.

Either your favorite coin or token got listed on a new exchange, or a moonshot meeting your requirements is about to rise, or a big whale movement of assets detected in your area of interest, you'll know of those events in no time.

Combine it with signal reaction and... You got it.

Dark Bots

Sometimes you just need a war machine.

Let's face it, hackers use their own bots for sniping and frontrunning you transactions, gaining a chunk of you deserved profit.

BOTZ can be used as your own personal army to counter attack those attackers, protecting your assets and giving you unrivaled market advantage.

BOTZ Visual Scripting System

There are lots of ready to use out-of-the-box solutions. But possibilities do not end here.

Watching specific address or specific type of transaction? Monitoring tweets of influencers for keywords or market affecting patterns? Looking for promising presales and launches with particular parameters suitable to your needs? You name it.

Having instant access to the mempool, CeFi and DeFi APIs, social media feeds and highspeed cluster for instantaneous contract deployment, BOTZ provide you with tools for virtually any type of event and action in the crypto environment and its surroundings.

You can build anything you want with highly configurable yet easy to use visual scripting UI.

$CAFE Token

$CAFE token is the fuel that drives all your BOTZ and is needed for them to work.


$5m - $20m+ $CAFE Volume

  • Price botz functional launch
  • Market Watch and Trading botz functional launch
  • Visual Scripting beta release with general logic nodes
  • Mempool Watcher Node functional release
  • Dark Bots beta release
  • Platform release from the beta
  • Further development
  • Continuous updates with the constant growth of platform customers
  • Addition on Polygon, ETH and other blockchains